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A Special Feature on Motor City Casino Hotel in Michigan

Situated along Grand River Avenue within the city of Detroit in Michigan, Motor City Casino Hotel is one of the most entertaining and inviting gaming establishments in the state. With the aim of attracting more and more players, it features fascinating slot machines as well as numerous table games. In addition, this Michigan casino offers a capacious and relaxing poker room for everyone to visit and enjoy. In the meantime, this gaming establishment gives its most loyal players special rewards, privileges, and incentives through the exclusive Club Metro.

Slot Machines Known to many as one of the finest gaming institution in Michigan, Motor City Casino Hotel plays home to at least 2,500 enjoyable and thrilling slot machines. To accommodate all kinds of players, the casino features classic games, reel slots, and multi-line versions. Meanwhile, they can also find progressive slot machines that allow them to win huge jackpot prizes. Overall, three of its most interesting slot variations are Cleopatra, Queen of Atlantis, and Deal or No Deal. Other exciting slots available inside Motor City Casino Hotel in Michigan are Wheel of Fortune, Double Diamond, and Pompeii. Likewise, major players can engage in special high-stake games like Jackpot Party, Fort Knox, and Quick Hits.

Table Games Aside from enjoyable slots, people can also enjoy 75 purely entertaining table games at Motor City Casino Hotel in Michigan. From this extensive collection, three of its most famous games are roulette, craps, and casino war. Meanwhile, those who prefer card games will surely enjoy the excitement and fun that games like mini-baccarat and blackjack provide. Furthermore, it also features several poker game variations including three-card poker, four-card poker, and progressive pai gow poker.

Poker Room With its spacious, relaxing and refreshing poker room, Motor City Casino Hotel is a very nice place in Michigan to explore various kinds of games. Generally, its three best poker versions are Omaha Hi-Lo, Texas Holdem, and seven-card stud. In an effort to attract more players, this beautiful casino also features exciting poker tournaments, wherein players can enjoy highly competitive No Limit Holdem and Limit Holdem games.

Club Metro Primarily, the launch of Club Metro is a way for Motor City Casino Hotel in Michigan to appreciate the patronage of all its loyal players. By becoming members of this prestigious players club, they can get special rewards such as suite passes at several casino hotels like The Palace, Ford …

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A Review on the House Advantage in Various Casino Games

One of the predicaments experienced by many casino players is which casino game to play considering that all casino games have its inherent casino house advantage to play against. But one thing noted with the house advantage is that they are not established at the same percentage in all casino games.

Each casino game has its own house advantage rate in percentage form. This is because each casino game has its own distinctive features, rules and game mechanics to play for which significantly affect the rate of the house advantage implemented on each casino game.

Knowing for a fact that each casino game has a mathematical advantage in the casino’s favor the best measure to take in order to determine which casino game is more favorable to play is to review the house advantage on each casino game.

The game of slots give a high house advantage on a mathematical stand point but it is amazingly the major profit earning casino game where approximately 70% of the total annual revenues of casinos are taken from. The game of slot is actually fun to play and being a fast paced game it can manage to increase the effect of the house advantage to a player’s bankroll.

One gets an average of 5 to 10 percent of house advantage in the casino slot games but it also provides the highest paying casino jackpot at a single spin at a lower cost granting luck is on the player’s side.

Roulette comes in two versions. The European roulette offers a house advantage of 2.7% in contrast to the American roulette version that has 5.4% house advantage. The difference is due to the presence of the double zeros in the latter version.

Online poker on the other hand is a casino game that does not impose a house advantage since the casino earns its profits in the form of a rake because the players are playing against each other and not against the casino. However it is notable that there are many casino players who employ mathematical strategies with high skill levels to be likely playing this game as competitions which can reduce your odds to win.

The house advantage in the casino game of craps will highly depend on the kind of bet the player makes but one can expect to play against an average of 1% house advantage with the worse house edge …

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Online Slot Machines – Myths and Truths

As with any topic, the “conventional wisdom” about online slot machines doesn’t always match up with reality and facts. People’s perceptions about slot machines in general—and online slot machines play in particular—are sometimes skewed by incorrect assumptions and urban legends. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common misperceptions, and the real deal about online slot machines.

Myth: A slot machine that just put out a big jackpot isn’t going to pay out again for a while, so you’d better switch to another game. Slot machines, whether online or at conventional casinos, are run by an entirely automated system called a random number generator.

Every single play is entirely random, so it’s a matter of statistical fact that you’re just as likely to win on any single play as on any other play, regardless of whether that machine just paid out a huge jackpot, or whether it has been on an apparent “losing streak.” Some players claim they have a “feel” for the machine, or make a practice of watching machines to see which ones are “hot” or “loose,” but in actual fact, each machine has already been set to pay out at a pre-set percentage (over a period of time) and the machine’s recent history has absolutely no effect on what can happen with the next play. Find an enormous selection of slot machines and incredible jackpots at JackpotCity and Cabaret Club Casino.

Myth: A slot machine that has been demonstrating a slow or losing streak is “due” for a win, so your chances of a jackpot are better if you stay on that game. This urban legend is the reverse side of the one previously mentioned, and it’s just as false for exactly the same reason.

A machine that has just paid out a huge jackpot can pay out another on the very next play, and a machine on a slow streak might be continuing in that vein for a while. Again, the statistical and incontrovertible fact of the matter is that every play is entirely random, and every play is just as likely to be a winning one. If a slot machine is pre-set to pay out at 97% over time, it will do exactly that; the element of chance comes in with the fact that a player doesn’t know which plays will be the payout plays… Until you step in and make the wager to …

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Multiplayer Wheel of Wealth Slots Review

Based on the wheel of fortune type of game, the Wheel of Wealth slot machine by Microgaming software, used at over 60 online casinos on the web, offers an incredible gaming experience for slot players across the globe. The game features a multiplayer option and players can play against each other. Try out an international slots tournament at Mr Green Casino.

This five reel and twenty five pay line game is one of its kind and offers wild symbols, scatter symbols as well as a jackpot. When the player starts playing this game, he can communicate with other players to play it alongside him. The maximum jackpot is 100,000 coins, which roughly translate into 50,000 US dollars. The betting range starts from one cent and can go up to a maximum of twenty five cents per pay line.

The wild symbol is the wheel of fortune, which can replace anything except the scatter symbol. Five of these can result in hitting the jackpot. The scatter symbol is represented by the scatter coin and two of these appearing in the same spin can entitle the player to scatter payouts. For some of the best payouts, visit EuroPalace Casino.

The scatter symbol also serves as a multiplier and can even trigger off the bonus round. In the casino bonus round, the player has to spin a wheel in order to win and claim prizes. The prizes are awarded, depending on the stopping position of the wheel.

Players, who wish to increase their winnings, may be sorely disappointed. This is because the game does not offer a gambling feature and neither does it offer a progressive jackpot. However, the base game jackpot of 50,000 is worth a try and players should play this game just to try their luck at winning the jackpot.

Overall, the game is reminiscent of the Wheel of Fortune television show and fans of the show will enjoy this game. In order to make the game more enjoyable, try to get more people to play with you, at Winner Casino.…

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Strategy for the game of dice

When dealing completely with a fortuitous game, there is not in itself a strategy that allows to win with confidence in the game of dice. The only thing we can aspire to is to reduce the margin of advantage of the house by calculating this and deciding our goal. If we want to challenge the house we can venture into those bets that offer a wide margin of advantage for the house. On the contrary, if we want to make more sensible bets then we can choose those in which the margin of advantage of the house is not so high. Here we will show some of the bets that offer lower percentage of probability for the house:

The field: 5.6%
Big6 / Big8: 9.1%
Horn: 12.5%
Craps2 / Craps12: 13.9%
Any 7, 16.7%
When dealing with two identical six-sided dice, we realize that we have 36 possible combinations. This resembles sharply the game of roulette. Being two dice, the odds vary drastically. In the game craps, we only have a 1/36 chance of throwing a twelve. However, we have six different ways to achieve a 7 (1 + 6, 2 + 5, 3 + 4, 4 + 3, 5 + 2, 6 + 1), which brings up our odds of 1/6 of throwing a seven. That is why certain bets are more promising than others.

As in any other game of chance, the craps or dice should be fun and never play if we are stressed or angry. We must set limits on the money we plan to spend on the dice and for no reason trust our luck as a stable source of income.

Do not forget to play only in those places that are reliable and fun. In fact, if you want to play, do it at the best casino.…

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How to play craps, Craps – Rules of the game

The craps player must throw the dice with one hand and the dice must make contact with the wall opposite the launch site. In case the dice are thrown out of the table, then the man on the stick (stickman in English) will be responsible for checking that the dice are in good shape to be thrown again. As we explained earlier, the craps table hosts up to twenty people, of which four belong to the staff and the rest are mere players. However, if someone does not want to roll the dice, then he can place a bet on the player who will.

The first roll of the dice is called “come out roll”. A new game starts with a new shooter. If the player reaches his goal, then the dice are returned to him to start again. If the player fails, then the dice are offered to the next player, who will start a new game with a new come out roll. The dice are offered to the person directly joint to the left side of the previous player, which means that a cycle is followed in the clockwise direction around the craps table.

The dice are then rolled on the surface of the craps table, which is divided into three sections: two lateral areas separated by a middle zone.

The lateral zones are, in fact, the reflection of the area in contrast and contain the following legends:

Pass Line
No pass line
Line of arrival
Line of Not coming
Bet on odds (Odd)
Place bets
Field bets
The central area has the legend: Proposed bets.
Pass-type bets win when the craps player rolls a 7 or an 11 and loses when a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled.

Bets type Do not pass, lose when the result of the dice mark a 7 or an 11 and win when it is a 2 or a 3. However, these bets tie when the result of the dice is 12 (Although in some casinos you get to consider the 2 also).

In case the result of the dice is 4, 5, 6 8, 9, or 10, then it is said that the point has been reached. Once the point in craps has been reached, then other types of bets can be made such as odds bets. The payment depends on the type of point that has been reached:

4 …

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Origin of Poker

The origins of Poker as such, are not as old as one would think. In fact, it seems that they date back to the second half of the 19th century in the territory that previously belonged to France, named New Orleans. However, if we want to go back in history to the ancestors of Poker, then we can draw their line from various points and opinions in which historians have not yet managed to reach an agreement but accept the theories as highly promising.

The Egyptians, during the 12th and 13th centuries, used to play a game of cards built with delicate ivory leaves or thin wooden boards. These letters were called Ganjifa or Treasure Cards, and were used to play several games. One of the games that most resembles Poker as we know it today is the As Nas, which was played with 25 cards and bets were placed by rounds and was won according to a hierarchy previously established.

During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, in France and Germany flourished a game called Poque, which in turn dates back to a Spanish game that emerged during the sixteenth century called “First.” First it seems that it was derived thanks to the legacy that the Arabs influenced in the Iberian Peninsula for several centuries. First it consisted of three cards dealt to each player who had to arm a hand in a hierarchical manner to defeat his opponents. First, the bluff already enjoyed great importance when playing.

However, if we want to go back only to the principles of poker as we know it today, then it is necessary to go back to the old French territory that in 1803 became part of the United States, it is about Louisiana. Poker came as an import that results from French and French-French migrations. At that time, the steam boats sailed the Mississippi encouraged by trade in the area. It is precisely in those steam boats that Poker began to be played intensely in the new continent and suffered several modifications over the course of time.

In 1843 and 1844, two authors (Jonathan H. Green and Joe Cowell) completely independently reported having witnessed and played a game that was played with 20 cards with the AKQJ-10 values. The 20 cards were distributed among 4 players (five cards each) and were prepared to arm pairs, two pairs, third, poker and if possible …

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Casino Games for Free

The financial crisis couldn’t stop you from enjoying your favourite casino games. If you are tightening the belt, that is no excuse for playing casino games for there are online casinos that offer free casino games just for fun.

If you are interested in free online casino games, try searches for these sites. These free casino games are totally free, it requires no deposit and that there will no prizes to be awarded later on. The member in such free casino games site could be free. Some even allow you to play live games for free – some all offer the pre-programmed casino games to be played. These casino games for free will not require you to lay money for betting. The only possible bill you will get will be from the Internet connection and electricity.

To play at free casino games sites, you may be asked to download the gaming software or you may play immediately after a click of the mouse. You may only be allowed to download the software or begin player after you have registered yourself with the website. The registration is most likely free.

The games offers are staple games at traditional casinos. And that includes slots, poker, roulette, blackjack and many more. The live option in casino table games will provide a video feed of the actual dealer and the cards can be also be tried for free.

If ever you decide to play for real money later on, it is simply a matter of mouse clicks. You will be presented with the option to play for free or for a fee. And when you go broke again or are low on budget, you can switch back to playing casino games for free. How about the betting? In free casino games, instead of real money used, bets come in virtual representation. If you decide to play for free, you will be given with a certain amount of virtual money. The virtual money is not convertible to cash because it the first place it is only make believe.

The free casino games are in no huge difference with playing casino games with a fee. The quality of sound and video are the same. The dissimilarity lies in the money utilized; free games costs you nothing and you also win nothing. The casino games with a fee that allows you to win real money. Other features …

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