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Decide on the Slot Machines you Need

Firstly, you must have a budget. Slot Machines come in all sizes and shapes and prices. Do you need big and fancy Slot Machines in neon colors, or more subdued and smaller Slot Machines to fit into the corner of your room? Do you want Slot Machines that have recorded voices or do you want to smaller less expensive Slot Machines which do have recorded responses. Decide which rooms would benefit from Slot Machines. Obviously you need Slot Machines in your living room, but not in the dining room if the two are attached. Too many Slot Machines can be a hindrance. Is your bathroom capable of holding Slot Machines? If so there is a special waterproof model! (See Catalogue under waterproof Slot Machines). Remember, the kitchen, den, play room and bedrooms are all perfect places for your Slot Machines.

Color Co-ordinate your Slot Machines

Once the amount of slot machines is decided, you must decide on the color and size of the various models. Do you need avocado colored slot machines to match your kitchen decor? We can supply avocado, crème, beige and mother-of-pearl slot machines. Do you need apricot or mauve for your living room slot machines? Not a problem. We can provide up to 143 varying shades for your own taste. What’s more we can personalize your slot machines by adding a name or slogan on each machine you order, so there will be no fighting within the family for a special machine.So don’t delay! Come and order your special own Slot Machines today!

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