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A Review on the House Advantage in Various Casino Games

One of the predicaments experienced by many casino players is which casino game to play considering that all casino games have its inherent casino house advantage to play against. But one thing noted with the house advantage is that they are not established at the same percentage in all casino games.

Each casino game has its own house advantage rate in percentage form. This is because each casino game has its own distinctive features, rules and game mechanics to play for which significantly affect the rate of the house advantage implemented on each casino game.

Knowing for a fact that each casino game has a mathematical advantage in the casino’s favor the best measure to take in order to determine which casino game is more favorable to play is to review the house advantage on each casino game.

The game of slots give a high house advantage on a mathematical stand point but it is amazingly the major profit earning casino game where approximately 70% of the total annual revenues of casinos are taken from. The game of slot is actually fun to play and being a fast paced game it can manage to increase the effect of the house advantage to a player’s bankroll.

One gets an average of 5 to 10 percent of house advantage in the casino slot games but it also provides the highest paying casino jackpot at a single spin at a lower cost granting luck is on the player’s side.

Roulette comes in two versions. The European roulette offers a house advantage of 2.7% in contrast to the American roulette version that has 5.4% house advantage. The difference is due to the presence of the double zeros in the latter version.

Online poker on the other hand is a casino game that does not impose a house advantage since the casino earns its profits in the form of a rake because the players are playing against each other and not against the casino. However it is notable that there are many casino players who employ mathematical strategies with high skill levels to be likely playing this game as competitions which can reduce your odds to win.

The house advantage in the casino game of craps will highly depend on the kind of bet the player makes but one can expect to play against an average of 1% house advantage with the worse house edge when playing from the inside layout in the long run.

Baccarat gives a lower house advantage of 1-1.5 percent despite the game does not involve skills to play. Blackjack is the only casino game that offers 0.5% of house advantage when played with a perfect strategy.

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