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Strategy for the game of dice

When dealing completely with a fortuitous game, there is not in itself a strategy that allows to win with confidence in the game of dice. The only thing we can aspire to is to reduce the margin of advantage of the house by calculating this and deciding our goal. If we want to challenge the house we can venture into those bets that offer a wide margin of advantage for the house. On the contrary, if we want to make more sensible bets then we can choose those in which the margin of advantage of the house is not so high. Here we will show some of the bets that offer lower percentage of probability for the house:

The field: 5.6%
Big6 / Big8: 9.1%
Horn: 12.5%
Craps2 / Craps12: 13.9%
Any 7, 16.7%
When dealing with two identical six-sided dice, we realize that we have 36 possible combinations. This resembles sharply the game of roulette. Being two dice, the odds vary drastically. In the game craps, we only have a 1/36 chance of throwing a twelve. However, we have six different ways to achieve a 7 (1 + 6, 2 + 5, 3 + 4, 4 + 3, 5 + 2, 6 + 1), which brings up our odds of 1/6 of throwing a seven. That is why certain bets are more promising than others.

As in any other game of chance, the craps or dice should be fun and never play if we are stressed or angry. We must set limits on the money we plan to spend on the dice and for no reason trust our luck as a stable source of income.

Do not forget to play only in those places that are reliable and fun. In fact, if you want to play, do it at the best casino.

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